Outplacement for Employees

Risk of redundancy leaves a mark on employees and reduces productivity in organisations. Depending on individual circumstances, the impact can be great or small but it will most definitely exist.

Failing to support employees at the time of a potential or confirmed redundancy can cost a company its reputation as a responsible employer leading to negative judgements by ex, remaining and future workforce.

You can mitigate these impacts by providing some help to those affected, making starting again easier, either internally or outside of your organisation.

You would be recognised for looking after your staff at difficult times and, as a responsible employer, you would be able to attract talent to join your workforce in the future.

How we support you

Our outplacement service covers a wide range of subjects from employability and dealing with change through application support to coaching to find a new purpose.

Both the 1-2-1’s and the workshops facilitate engagement because we believe that active involvement gives better help with managing redundancy-related emotions.

We recommend starting with a workshop and a psychometric test from the moment you put your employees at risk of redundancy. Those selected for redundancy at the end of this period are recommended to be continually supported in 1-2-1’s based on their individual needs.

Whilst currently, employers are not legally required to provide outplacement support for their employees, it is a clear sign of taking Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) seriously and aligning your business values with social activities that serve and have positive impact on communities. CSR gives a competitive advantage through practices you can proudly refer to when giving presentations about your company to others.

The workshops and psychometric test will be beneficial to all by providing personal development through self-awareness, skills development and growth in confidence. This will contribute to increased productivity and a higher standard of internal applications as and when there is an opportunity to move roles within the company.

Mental wellbeing awareness throughout this period helps with resilience and avoids complications through signposting, if needed.

The support will always be beneficial to your employees and company, no matter what the overall outcome of the redundancy situation.

The service is scalable to cater for all budgets, typically starting from around £500 per workshop and a set hourly rate from for the 1-2-1 support. Your investment can be little but still mean huge support for individuals and their families.

We listen to you to understand the circumstances involving possible redundancies, then provide you with a quote on a bespoke solution including workshops, 1-2-1 sessions or both.

The content and delivery methods are flexible depending on where your employees are, not just geographically but also in their careers and what plans they have for the future. We are mindful of your industry, location and the roles involved when preparing to give our support.

Our Key Employability Factors workshop is designed to help your people understand what they need to effectively deal with unemployment and how to make the most of this uncomfortable period.

The Finding and Applying for a New Role workshop focuses on subjects like job searching, CV and cover letter writing and interviews.

Both workshops can be scaled to your resources and they provide many useful materials to keep and use.